sore muscles….?

as i was done working out on tuesday, i felt great. Until an hour later as my arms started to shake, today, friday, my arms at the elbow joint have been sore ever since? what does this mean? how can i fix this problem?

my mom ?

my mom is a very supersticious person and believes almost everything is spiritual.i have had tennis elbow for 8 weeks. she said it is because i disrespect her and her anscetors are punishing me or something like that. my elbow has gooten alot better but i just got into an argument with her about taking…

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Bone and joint pain,anybody have a guess?

About a year ago,i started experiencing pain in my right elbow.i have worked out for years,so I thought it may have been a strain,or even "tennis elbow" or something along those lines.I stopped lifting for awhile,but after a month or two,the pain appeared in my left elbow as well.About 6 months ago,the pain spread to…

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an overuse injury?

i had a elbow strain like 4 months ago. since i got the injury i didnt really take care of it, but after 2 months. it still didnt heal so i went to massage therapy. therapist told me i strained my back and my arm. i suddenly felt a weird feeling when i shot the…

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another funny joke?

A man complains to his friend: "My elbow really hurts, I think I should see a doctor" His friend replies: "No need, the supermarket now has a machine that can give a quick and cheap diagnosis. You just need to insert a urine sample and just 1 pound. After a few minutes you get the…

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elbow problem?

Hi i’ve been having this problem when playing tennis only when i’m serving, and only when i try to serve hard. My elbow joints start to hurt. A lot of people say you’ve got a tennis elbow, but i don’t think it is. My elbow just hurts when i try to serve really hard, if…

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Cubital tunnel-tennis elbow?

Two and a half weeks ago my pinky finger and ring finger went numb, and it began to hurt when I bent my elbow. It has gotten better some, it doesn’t hurt when I bend my elbow anymore, but the two fingers have the pins and needles feeling. My question is, will I ever get…

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