Well, i played dodgeball last monday for like over an hour, and i was throwing the ball really hard, and i worked out a bit before that, but yeah
after playing dodgeball that day the joint really close to my elbow and tricep was hurting so badly
and since last monday its been paining like crazy, i played only 8 minutes of dodgeball again on wednesday, but now its friday, and its still paining like crazy?
and everytime i do a bit of exercise like jogging, or something its paining like crazy after again?
well what could i do to stop all this pain? and im gonna workout with a friend on sunday for sure, but i hope it feels better by then.
Is there any elbow or arm bands i could get that will prevent injury?
if so, any names and stores i could get them at?
i found this elbow/arm band kinda thing for tennis lol at walmart, but im not sure if i should get that
thanks :)

Went to the chiropractor for a tennis elbow adjustment and came out with bicep tendinitis in my shoulder WTF? He put my arm with the palm of my hand facing up and yanked it toward him. The pain didnt come on immediately but it was hurting so much while trying to exercise that I went to a real doctor and she diagnosed me with bicep tendinitis. How did this happen? Is my arm going to be permanently messed up or out of proper alignment? What should I do?

I feel tension when I do the hundred and a few other exercise but afterward I am not sore. The only exercise that makes me sore is the modified crunch where you touch your elbows to knees. Also do those ab exercises where your just leaning or stretching or pulling your knees towards you really work?
I am sorry feel

I am currently being treated at the chiropractor, using heat and massage and stretching exercises for the muscles, but I still feel the pulling lightly, but it is better than it first was. I want it to heal and I took a break from exercise or lifting or anything taht would involve pressure to that area, but I do have to work and do normal things like typing, writing, opening doors, etc. Will this heal as I do not want it to permanently be this way? Thanks!
Also, how long does it take to heal fully? Is it unusual that I’ve had this about 3 weeks already?

There’s a tennis court across the street from me and people look like they are having fun and getting exercise (both of which I need). How do I pick out a good tennis racket but I don’t want to spend too much, either. Remember, this is just fun for me.

I need to gain muscle as well, because muscle is needed for tennis. I have my diet down, but does anyone have any exercise plans for me? Thanks in advance!

Basically I was doing some exercise on my biceps and I haven’t done them before, but my arms are aching now, and this is on the 2nd day after I was doing that exercise.

What happens if I play tennis when the muscles on my arms are aching? I played yesterday for like 15 minutes and could that be why my muscles are aching today as well now?

Are you meant to rest them? Will playing like 15 minutes of tennis make it worse at all?

I understand that you can over-exercise, but I love tennis and like playing every single day for a couple hours. I’m going to do a clinic for four hours five days a week, but I doubt it’ll be super intense, with half hour to one and a half hour lessons pretty much every day, and then other classes I can go to. If I eat well, sleep well, and take naps and breaks throughout the day, is that okay? I’m also 15, and healthy, if that makes how much activity I can stand any different.

Has anyone male or female been in a relationship where they had to maintain a certain sexual position that wasn’t comfortable in order for your partner to reach climax? I have this problem with my wife and don’t know what to do.

I have been with her for over 2 years now and sex with her is like a chore or like exercise most of the time (or some unpleasant combination of both). I basically have to maintain a push-up like position on top of her in order for her to climax. I have to do this for 45 minutes to 2 hours. I’m not talking about missionary position; it’s literally like doing push-ups. I haven’t had many sexual partner (I’m in my mid-twenties and have only been with 6 people), but I have always been told that I was a good lover and my penis is definitely larger than average. However it seems like there is nothing I can do that will have her reach climax besides this uncomfortable position. I try other things but she will basically guide me back into that push-up position.

I am a good actor I guess and always pretend like I enjoy it, but last night she caught me not enjoying it and she was upset. She was menstruating (and I don’t like having sex then), I’m getting over tendinitis in the elbow, and I had to stop halfway to take care of our crying infant. When I came back from taking care of our baby, I could not get back in to the act of enjoying it and she busted me faking (I know this is usually the woman’s job). Has anyone been in a similar situation, looking for advice and suggestions from both sexes? I feel like a creep talking about this kind of stuff (guess I am kind of a prude), but any feedback will be appreciated.

Well I went to work today & as I was getting up from the couch we have at my work place, I stretched out my arm & a sharp pain occurred in my elbow. I didn’t hear a pop & I can move it, but when I open my arm to reach for something the pain comes back for about two seconds. I don’t think i broke it because the pain is bearable & I can move it. It feels kind of like a pinching but a little harder on the inside. But if anyone know how to make the pain go away or the cause of the pain; please reply. I’m not overweight, but I don’t exercise much.

Is there a certain exercise or workout I can do to make me better at tennis? I especially need help with my backhands.

i lovee tennis but i keep having second thoughts on games and being afraid to lose. i know im not suppose to be a chicken but tennis gives me exercise& makes me feel good. any tips or advice on having the motivation on tennis-or any sports?

Hi, I’m currently a freshman in high school, and I have never competed in a school sport before. However, since I realized that I do not get enough exercise, and that varsity sports look good on a college app, I should try out for the team next year. Because I’m pretty good at badminton, I think tennis would be a good fit for me. I know most of the rules from watching TV, but when I play, I ricochet the ball this way and that every now and then. What would you recommend that I do this summer so that I might be able to make varsity tennis next year? Any tips are appreciated.

I am trying to find something to multi task: an exercise that will occupy my time, help me learn something new and exciting, and would not be too pricey. Is tennis a good idea for a 34 year old? Or would my other option, aikido (which I already have some experience in), be a better idea?

Swami Ramdev Complete Exercise program-Yogic Jogging

The music video exercise for the 2004 NYFA 8 week filmmaking workshop in London. Shot on 16 mm Arriflex.

I play tennis for my high school and I want to be in the best shape I can before the season starts. What muscle/exercise should I do to increase my game.

Is tennis a great exercise? How much does it really do for you? based on different intensities… ?

Using exercise for Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis in this free medical treatment video. Expert: Dr. Susan Jewell Bio: Dr. Susan Jewell is a British born educated bilingual Asian with a British accent and can speak Cantonese. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Can someone give me a schedule for a student who is training for tennis…..it should include both the diet and the exercise.

I want to hit tennis balls against a good sized wall for practice and exercise.. Does anybody know of one near culver city, palms, mar vista, venice, or West Los angeles?

www.TheGuideForYou.com — Tennis Elbow Treatment Guide The pain associated with tennis elbow can be severe and can be seriously impact performance in all areas of occupation the treatment goal of tennis elbow is restoration of normal movement,painless use of the involved extremity, resolution of chronic inflammation process. Restoration of strength and extensibility of the affected muscle tendon complex, and prevention of recurrence. the treatment tennis elbow can use ice for several times a day, immobilization of wrist/hand, gentle AROM wrist flexion, pronation and elbow extension, gentle transverse friction massage, electrical stimulation. exercise should include proximal conditioning and scapular stabilizing, use built up handle. if using splint support the wrist in extention, especially in night. Also try a counterforce strap which is strap placed over the extensor wad to prevent full muscle contraction and to reduce the load on the tendon during the day with activity. To learn more about tennis elbow treatment, please visit : www.TheGuideForYou.com

I heard this exercise to work the forearms…

the tennis ball trick
where you just simply squeeze a tennis ball repeatedly

i want to get bigger forearms..

does this work? how long and how often should i be doing this?

I need help with this…

I was just woundering because alot of people told me that.