First off, i started lifting weights when i was 15 1/2 i got started lifting august of 2009, lifted for about 6-7 months and then i first started getting pains in my elbow. I took a week off, returned the next week and was fine. Couple months later it returned slightly, the kind of pain that just kind of aches to where your uncomfortable, and it would only happen when i was sitting or laying around. I lifted a little through it but lowered the rate of my exercises, and it eventually came back then too. Got to be summer 2010, and i tried p90x, i made it through phase one but i couldnt make it to the recovery week of phase one (3 weeks into the program) and my elbows were in agony.

I didnt lift for a month and a half and i went to the doc. He said it was tennis elbow, and told me to wait a little while before i start lifting again. After the pain subsided (1 month and a 1/2), i started back with low intensity to work my way up. Everything was going good. Started doing weight training at school august 2010 and after we maxed out on the second week, my forearms and elbows were hurting.

I went to the doc again and he said he thought my tendons and ligaments around my elbows were just inflamed from maxing out on bench press, and incline bench press. took 2 weeks off, with a very powerful anti inflamatory and i was fine. Got to be a month and a half later, it was bothering me slightly so i took a few days off and i was ok. Now we get to december of 2010, we were getting out for christmas break and we would have a 2 week vacation, so i tried to do a little more than usuall so i’d get a little more muscle growth over the break.

That was the 20th, well my elbows and forearms started bothering me that evening, i waited until the 23rd and they were still bothering me a little, but i done a little workout at home with my at home equipment. And they’ve really been bothering me. I havent lifted at all, just worked my job. My job consists of scrubbing, painting, sanding, and fixing up a house. I’ve been working that job since the end of september of this year. It seems like my joints are aching. My shoulders, my biceps (slightly), my tricep where it connects to my elbow some, the top of my forearm (where tennis elbow would be), and my elbow joint was hurting.

It just snowed here on christmas eve, we got 6 inches so i was wondering if maybe the cold weather had anything to do with it or if it was something more serious.

Can someone please help me out. I don’t understand why I’m aching so much now but i wasn’t at this time last year if it has to do with weight training.

Pelican, I’m aching all over my arms right now. Basically i kinda have a little pain in my shoulders, sometimes throughout the day my bicep will be sore, occasionally my triceps, but i can really feel it on the outside of my forearm where my tennis elbow was, and on the back at the elbow joint. My shoulders is either between the trap and shoulder on the back of the shoulder.

Basically its a “weak feeling” if you will and almost feels like i’ve had a hard workout and my elbows are the same and the top of the elbow feels like a bruise but there’s no bruising there.

I started track and we have a rough work out. My abs, forearms (near my elbows) and quads are pretty sore. I would like to continue practicing.. so is there a quick way i can heal my muscles/ make them feel better fast. Ive tried ice, a warm bath. Is there anything I should eat?

On saturday I went to the gym worked out my biceps triceps and forearms. I realize i shouldnt have done all 3 but I hadn’t gone to the gym in awhile. I felt fine until the next day when my biceps were sore.

I knew i would be sore but didnt realize I wouldn’t be able to bend my elbows all the way straight. It’s been about 3 days and i still cant bend my elbows will it go away?

This normal? What can I do?

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cannot bend elbow . Are your hands getting numb when you work out do your hands get numb? Wrong use of weights can cause muscle imbalance in the forearms – which can cause nerve pinching which can cause numbness in the hands and fingers. Learn a better way. Hilma Volk, Licensed Massage Therapist since 1991, Coeur d’Alene, ID http

Yesterday I workout really hard lifting weight and stuff. Today both my arms are really sore in the middle of my arm. After the biceps and before my forearms. Pretty much on the opposite side of my elbow. Can I do anything to stretch this par of my arm out make it feel better?

My biceps are fine and my forearms are getting bigger, but the area around the lower bone in my elbow really bothers me because it sticks out so much! What exercises can I do to bulk up around there?

I’m considering starting tennis this upcoming summer and pursuing it for the next year or two but as of yet I have had no training for tennis.

I need to know what exercises I need to do in order to be ready for practice and such. By exercises, I don’t mean like exercises that involve tennis rackets or a tennis court or anything. Just normal exercises like push ups or bicep curls, things of that nature.

I saw from another yahoo answers question that the major muscles needed to be most effective in tennis were the shoulder, the forearms, and the quadriceps (excluding the obvious answers like the brain and the heart).

So what exercises do you recommend I do in order to be ready?

ok so for the last couple of months i have felt pain in my elbow when playing baseball…..the pain went away a month ago but came back again today…

i have also been leifting weights but i dont think that that is the reason my elbow hurts….both my forearms hurt but i dont know if its from lifting or tennis elbow/

has anyone had this before?
if yes, what can i do to better the health of my elbow?

tank u

Here is the situation: I have pain when I play piano, also sometimes when I don’t. Sometimes I get pain from doing absolutely nothing stressful to my arms. It often seems that when it happens for no reason I am sitting down, although resting my arms in my lap, usually they don’t hurt when I am standing up. The pain is locating on both L and R forearms, the underside upper half by the elbow, but not quite to the elbow. The exact location of the pain is hard to pinpoint. Sometimes it is shoots through for a few seconds, sometimes a dull ache for a few hours.

I’ve tried the following treatments with no relief whatsoever: Chiropractics, icing, rest, active release therapy, meds, stretching, exercise, accupuncture, and etc.

It’s not a pinched nerved, carpel tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, tendinosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, MS, tennis elbow, or focal dystonia. Anybody have any ideas? Don’t say something just to get points please, thanks a lot!

My symptoms are 3/16/2007

I have shooting pain down both forearms down my Ulnar nerve.
I have stabbing /cramping pains down both of my fore arms.
The pain was execration, but now has defused and dissipated.
However it is still very painful.
Also I have pain in my elbows both on the interior and exterior side.
The tennis elbow is more intense when I pick up, twist, or turn an object.
Oddly I have intense pain down my arms when I sneeze or I have a shiver.
I have pain in my medial carpals in my wrist.
The pain migrates from four to five places in my wrists.
I have painful sensation changes in the 4th and 5th fingers.
I wake up many nights with pain in my hands and in a claw formation.
I have tingling burning sensations, weakness in my hands and arms.
I have trouble with my grip, pinching, grasp, twisting, of my hands
and arms. I am losing mobility in my arms that makes me drop objects more often. I am experiencing partial paralysis and loss of movement in my hands and wrists. I am experiencing a numbness and tingling on the top surface of my thumbs. I still have extreme pain at the base of both thumbs. Which is a sign of atrophy of the muscular bulge in an advanced or chronic stage, I am been told. I am experiencing that I cannot move my hands and arms with the same speed as just a few months ago and is continually getting worse. Also the pain is increasing with less exertion. I am experiencing pain from a nerve that rolls over my shoulders then to the underside of my arm between my biceps and triceps. Then runs down the length of my arm about two inches apart.
I am also catching myself from dizzy spills or vertigo. I thought it was from my pain medication so I didn’t put it together. Since its been over a year without pain medication and I still have dizzy spills. Is this a symptom too?

tendonitis of both arms and tennis elbow of both arms for 3 years. I have been going to physical therapy on and off for 3 years. The first year it started out in my wrist, so I went for physical therapy and it went away. When it came back the next year it went up my forearms, so I went to physical therapy and it went away. The third year it went to my elbows and I have been out of work since April of 2006. I tried therapy for 6 months as to try and rule out surgery. It did not work this time so I had both arms operated on. I had the tennis elbow surgery done arthroscopically. I have been going to therapy twice a week since April of 2006. My right arm was operated on November 06 and my left arm March 07. I am still going to physical therapy. My right arm was doing well for a while and is acting up again, and my left arm, although has gotten somewhat better, refuses to heal. My doctor told me that he is sending me back to work without restrictions at my next appt. I know that I will further injure myself if I do.
This is a workers comp case from an injury at work and my lawyers can’t do anything against what my doctors say. So my question for you is, why am I not healing as fast as the doctors believe I should be? And is there something else that I could have where maybe I was misdiagnosed and that could possibly be the reason that I am not responding to the treatment that I am getting? The pain has moved to the inside of my elbow joints now and is traveling back down my forearms in the pain of tendoinitis again. I am very distraught about this. I feel I have done everthing I could possibly do to cure this problem. They have never given me and MRI even when I asked for one. I need to find a doctor that will listen to me and not worry about stepping on another doctors "toes" and really hear my concerns. I don’t want to end up totally disabled, I want to be healed. What should I do? I really don’t know what to do anymore. I just want my arms back so I can go back to my normal life.
My questions are these: Is there something I can have besides what they are saying? Is there any other treatment that can advance my healing? Will an MRI show things that might have been missed? How do I get a doctor to listen to me? Why am I not healing as fast as they "think I should?" I really need advice from a professional in this area. I am not messing around, I am not trying to stay out of work, I am being honest with my concerns and I feel like nobody cares. Please help!!!
In response to Mystify’s thorough and helpful answer, My pain started in my right arm and my left arm followed. It is a repetitive injury I incurred at work from typing all day which I believe to have been a poorly set up work station.

I have been suffering from tendinitis and tennis elbow of the forearms and elbows for over 3 years off and on, but mostly on. Everything I do to heal it seems to be only a temporary fix and it always returns, always…I’ve done physical therapy, cortisone injections, surgery, rest from work, you name it. I even paid some shmuck .00 online for information on how to heal it but it was only illustrations of the exercises that I already do at therapy. My elbows also hurt INSIDE the joint. I am totally beside myself and need help. I have asked for an MRI to hopefully reveal the problem but have gotten denied. I am in the process of trying to find a doctor that will approve one, but doesn anyone know what this is? I am willing to do anything to permanently cure this condition. I believe that there is a solution for everything and that it only needs to be found. Someone out there must know what is wrong with me or have somewhat of an idea so that I can research it further. Help!
This is a workers comp injury from 2004 and it is difficult to find a doctor that will take it. I know you are going to tell me to just find a new doctor but it isn’t that easy. I just want to know what this could be so I can bring it up to my present doctor.