Been Lifting Weights For Almost a Year, Now I’m Having Pains?

First off, i started lifting weights when i was 15 1/2 i got started lifting august of 2009, lifted for about 6-7 months… 1

How to cure sore muscles?

I started track and we have a rough work out. My abs, forearms (near my elbows) and quads are pretty sore. I would… 6

Cannot Bend Elbow All The Way Straight The Next Day After Workout?

On saturday I went to the gym worked out my biceps triceps and forearms. I realize i shouldnt have done all 3 but… 1

Wrong use of weights and numb hands, avoid carpal tunnel

CarpalTunnelMaster.com . Are your hands getting numb when you work out do your hands get numb? Wrong use of weights can cause muscle… 0

My arms are sore after a workout. What can I do for them?

Yesterday I workout really hard lifting weight and stuff. Today both my arms are really sore in the middle of my arm. After… 2

How can I work out the muscles around my elbow?

My biceps are fine and my forearms are getting bigger, but the area around the lower bone in my elbow really bothers me… 9

Which exercises should I do to prepare for tennis?

I’m considering starting tennis this upcoming summer and pursuing it for the next year or two but as of yet I have had… 4

Do i have tennis elbow?…Baseball people help…plz!!?

ok so for the last couple of months i have felt pain in my elbow when playing baseball…..the pain went away a month… 2

Arm injuries due to piano playing (I’m gonna need someone really knowledgeable)?

Here is the situation: I have pain when I play piano, also sometimes when I don’t. Sometimes I get pain from doing absolutely… 6

I had carpal tunnel and tendentious now my system’s are getting worse. I am very worried.?

My symptoms are 3/16/2007 I have shooting pain down both forearms down my Ulnar nerve. I have stabbing /cramping pains down both of… 5

ORTHOPEDIC QUESTION, SERIOUS! Please help if you are experienced in this field. I have been suffering from?

tendonitis of both arms and tennis elbow of both arms for 3 years. I have been going to physical therapy on and off… 6

Orthopedic HELP NEEDED! Please tell me what this can be so I can bring it up to my ignorant doctor?

I have been suffering from tendinitis and tennis elbow of the forearms and elbows for over 3 years off and on, but mostly… 4

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