I had tennis elbow about 5 mths ago.Had an injection and it felt good.Now,i have pain again,but this time,its different.The pain is always there,from my elbow down through to my forearm?If i squeeze my forearm,its more painful than the elbow?
The elbow hurts if i press at the spot on the side near funny bone where its supposed to hurt..But why is my forearm hurting so much and what can i do to make it feel better?

I was on the floor putting some books on a low shelf. When I brought my arm down after shelving a book my elbow (kind of on the upper side of it) hit HARD on the corner of a large plastic box which has a sharp corner.

The pain wasn’t like hitting my funny bone, it was much worse. I swear it brought tears to my eyes and my whole arm went numb from the elbow to the tips of my fingers.

What I want to know why do my wrists and fingers hurt bad now too? My elbow is really sore. It hurts to bend it out all the way and honestly the pain just type it bad. I have a bruise now showing up where I hit it.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Oh & YES I will watch out for plastic boxes now and I won’t type anymore! lol

you know when you hit your "funny bone" and it kills… why does it hurt more than so many other parts of the body? I don’t think my knee hurts that much when I hit it, but then maybe I just don’t hit it as much — any med students/doctors out there care to take a stab at this?

I was an active pitcher/shortstop on my baseball team, and I had to constantly make a lot of long hard throws every game. Then my arm went, and it started hurting a lot sort of where my funny bone is. I am sure it is a tennis elbow because I have asked my doctor, and he x-rayed my arm and it was fine, and the muscles are fine, and my arm just annoyingly hurts. How do I fix this arm so I can get back to baseball?
I have not played or thrown a ball in 3 months and whenever I try, my arm hurts like hell.

Here you can learn about elbow joint pain and tennis elbow home cures. The elbow is the joint that connects the end of the upper arm bone, distal humerus, to the bones of the forearm, radius and ulna, with ligaments, tendons and muscles.

The elbow allows us to bend, extend and rotate the arm. The radius and ulna, the two bones of the forearm, fit into the ends of the upper arm bone like a hinge forming the elbow joint. The distal humerus, the upper arm bone, flares out to form the medial and lateral epicondyles. The large bump of the ulna behind the elbow joint is called the olecranon. The olecranon forms the bony prominence of the elbow and connects with the triceps muscles of the upper arm.

elbow exercisesAt one time or another everyone has typically experienced a minor elbow injury. An example of this is when a person bumps their ‘funny bone.’ The ‘funny bone’ involves the ulnar nerve that runs down the back of the elbow. When this nerve is bumped, a feeling of pain and a tingling sensation is felt down the arm. This pain may be intense at first but is brief and will go away on its own.

Minor or serious elbow pain can include symptoms such as pain, swelling, numbness, tingling, weakness or a decrease in range of motion. Sudden or acute elbow injuries may be caused by a direct blow, a fall, or a penetrating injury. Other elbow injuries can occur by twisting, jerking, jamming or bending the elbow abnormally.

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Examples of acute injuries include bruises, sprains, strains, fractures or dislocation. Overuse injures can occur when too much stress is placed on a joint or other tissue. This can be caused by overdoing an activity or through repetition of an activity. Some examples of overuse injures are bursitis, swelling behind the elbow, tendonitis, micro-tears in the connective tissue, and radial tunnel syndrome, which is the pinching of the deep radial nerve near the elbow joint.

Elbow treatment depends on several factors; the location, type and severity of the injury, how long ago the injury occurred and a persons age, health condition and activities. Elbow treatment measures include the application of a brace, splint, or cast, physical therapy, medication and in some cases surgery.

The elbow is a major joint that provides us with movements we use each and every hour. Taking care of this important joint is important in good health.

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