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My knees are terrible, moreso my right one. Whenever I bend them, they crack. If I make a bicycle motion with my leg, my right knee cracks every time and it feels terrible. I can’t keep it bent for long periods of time (thats what hurts the most), especially when I’m sitting "pretzel style". I constantly feel like I have to straighten my leg when I’m sitting down, and I really never noticed I do it quite often until recently.

I’m only 17 years old! Freshman year I had a stability brace on my knee for a while, but I don’t remember the doctor every saying what exactly was wrong. That or I just don’t remember.

I really haven’t been paying much attention to this because I have tennis elbow and radial tunnel syndrom in my right elbow and I’ve been going to therapy for that and may have to have surgery soon! I don’t even play sports =/ but I guess the elbow can be from being a musician. But not the knee!!

Anyone know what might be wrong? It hurts mostly on the outside. =/