Muscle pain lower biceps?

below my biceps, in the elbow joint area, towards the inside i have been feeling pain for two days. Two days ago i had a strenuous workout for swimming and i lifted weights with my biceps, after that it started to feel tight and now it feels very tight and it hurts to extend my…

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Sore Elbow?

I have had a nagging elbow injury, for some time. It comes and goes, sometimes it really hurts other times not much at all. Its very painful when i hyper extent it, push weights, almost all triceps exercises are painful?

tennis elbow?? how do i train?

ok guys need ur help. ive got an elbow injury and when i do lifts/weights it ends up hurting. i decided to give it a rest (3 weeks) i wanna start training again but i can still feel small pangs of pain…what do i do?? i dunt want to slowly lose my muscles…