i lift wieghts the next day my elbow joints hurt
my biceps dont hurt at all just my elbows
why does thiss happen?

I’ve had tennis elbow for some time now from military training. I’m out of the service now, and have rested my bicep for 8-10 weeks doing physical therapy and all the necessary things, but it’s still just as bad. Please do not recommend medical treatments (i.e. cortisone or resting). My question is if anyone knows of bicep/shoulder workouts that do not put too much strain on my elbows. Curls seem to only worsen them, and shoulder press is out of the question. Any WORKOUT ideas will be greatly appreciated, as not being able to lift weights and only doing cardio has caused me to lose nearly all of my hard earned muscle mass. Thanks in advance.
Correction: I’ve rested my elbows, not just biceps.

below my biceps, in the elbow joint area, towards the inside i have been feeling pain for two days. Two days ago i had a strenuous workout for swimming and i lifted weights with my biceps, after that it started to feel tight and now it feels very tight and it hurts to extend my arm out, i can do it but it is a bit painful. The pain isnt sharp pain but more like it is extremely, extremely sore. all the surrounding muscles are extremly sore and, but i’m worried that could be tendonitis.

Its not the actual elbow, I think it is the muscles or something on the other side the elbow I lifted weights for the first time and now its been 2 days they been sore when I extend my arms out.

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What toning and strengthening exercises can i do in my room without weights i play tennis and american football. I want to play WR I am 16 and only 145 lb

Every time I bend my arm and fully straighten it out, it increasingly gets really sore and feels like it’s stretching something.

I did recently lift some weights but that was a week ago, this just started happening about 3 days ago.

what could it be?


Like if I cant go outside and play tennis and other sports, what exercises can I do at home so I can still like sweat a lot and burn a lot of calories and that can help with toning the stomach.

I have a treadmill in my house but what other exercises with like weights, can i do?

please help!

serious answers please!!


I went to the gym and worked out my lower back and i guess back in general, i can definitely feel it in my back, but i also feel extremely sore around my biceps (closer to the inside of my elbow) to were it is quite discomforting to extend my arm. Did i work out wrong… or is this normal?
its not my elbow itself… i definetly can tell its in my muscles … i guess i should of said proximal to my elbow (not the elbow itself)
ok, i DO feel it in my Lats, just more yesterday than today… so i guess my form was ok, but i’m sure it could be better. I’m not used to using weights in my work out rutiens so i might have overcompinsated with my arms. but i tried to make sure i was tightning my back muscles as i did my "wide grip Lat pulldowns" and "One-Arm Dumbbell Rows" thanks for your answers. i’ll keep this in mind

also if their are any soccerplayers ot there tennis has helped alot with my footwork in soccer so if you play soccer try some tennis to anyways im already on a team and practice monday thru friday but im just woundering what additional stuff i can do

I have had a nagging elbow injury, for some time. It comes and goes, sometimes it really hurts other times not much at all. Its very painful when i hyper extent it, push weights, almost all triceps exercises are painful?

Last Tuesday I’ve started my workout of:
running for an hour, or at least burning 300 calories or more before I stop.
4 different ab exercises on reps of 30 the first week, moved up to 40 at the beginning of this week.
(ab bicycle,crunches,reverse crunches,knee crunches(touch elbow to opposite knee))
Playing tennis for an hour and a half

Immediately, I’ve noticed my upper abs becoming really defined and firm, along with my obliques. My entire core is getting firmer, but what I’m really after is losing my tiny lower stomach fat. It’s a pinch but it’s so hard to get rid of. I can feel it burning during my ab workout, so I know I’m doing exercises that reach them but why is it not showing on the outside? I’ve already lost 3 pounds.

How can I reach that flat stomach before March 20th?
I don’t have access to a gym or weights. Just my body weight and a treadmill.

I’m 16, btw.
My diet is already good.
Dont drink pop, or eat sugary junk-cookies,cndy,etc.
Lots of protien, grains, fruits/veggies.

Thats not the issue here.

i tweaked it a couple weeks ago trying to do a bit too much on the bench, it had been feeling better but i started a new routine yesterday that aggravated it.

the odd thing is i tried putting an ice pack on it, but it made it worse, so i then used a heating pad, again, it just tightened up.

i applied some ” icy hot ” but it still is still quite sore today.

it isn’t in the center of the elbow where i feel it most, it is in that one bone that is to the side of the elbow.

i will probably take off tomorrow which would normally be a weights day but do you have any tips i can use to heal this up?

does ” icy hot ” really work?

why didn’t ice or heat help?

I cannot lift the same weight on my left arm. It doesnt affect my daily routine. Its the inner left side of my elbow. Help please

Its for kids that are 12-14 that are not allowed weights, and have a lot of time to do the exercises. What would you recommend doing? And are long distance runs good?

My private lessons teacher told me some vague things but I need some more specific ideas on the subject. I would like to know what weight training, cardio and such that I should do to be ahead of my competitors.

Very sore only when I lift weights or do hanging exercises. Any idea what damage I have done?

I quit playing racquetball about a month ago when pain got pretty bad. (It had been slowly progressing for a few weeks) I continued to lift weights for 2 weeks. My elbow wasn’t getting any better so I stopped that too. At this point It has been 10 days with none of the above activity. During this time and even prior to that I had tried ice a few times a day and daypro (anti-inflammatory). Still no change. I even use my computer mouse with my left hand since that seems to irritate it as well. I open doors, lift things, whatever… with my left now. When will this go away? When should I start strengthening excercises? When should I start stretching. I have seen a few web sites. I am interested in hearing personal experiences. Please help. I miss my workouts/sports!!!!! On a side note. If any of you are considering P90X- the infommercial workout program- DO IT!!! Incredible results but definitely not easy.

handed but lately my left elbow has been sore.My job title is heavy laborer and thats a understatment all day long im lifting objects of various weights.I heard that if the pain goes from one arm to the other it could be a infection is that true?! i just thought do to my job this condition was par for the course any replies would be helpfull thank you!!

ok so for the last couple of months i have felt pain in my elbow when playing baseball…..the pain went away a month ago but came back again today…

i have also been leifting weights but i dont think that that is the reason my elbow hurts….both my forearms hurt but i dont know if its from lifting or tennis elbow/

has anyone had this before?
if yes, what can i do to better the health of my elbow?

tank u

Lift weights, continue to play softball, and bowl without such pain. I got tennis elbow by playing softball for my high school and this year I am taking a weight lifting class and joining the bowling team. I was told that all three of those may cause tennis elbow so I figure I need something to support my elbow? What could I get and where? Ive been dealing with the pain for years because I didnt know what was wrong and have a higher pain tolerance than most to stick through it. At first I thought it was just from working so much in softball. I play 3rd base so it gets strained a lot. What do you recommend? Even if its something that wont get rid of the pain completely that is okay because I can learn to deal with it like I have been….just seems to get worse though.

ok guys need ur help. ive got an elbow injury and when i do lifts/weights it ends up hurting. i decided to give it a rest (3 weeks) i wanna start training again but i can still feel small pangs of pain…what do i do?? i dunt want to slowly lose my muscles…

i lift weights 5-6 times a week, and i noticed this pain in my inner and outer elbow. it got worse over time, and i finally went to see a doctor. he told me it tennis elbow or tendonitis. he gave me a steroid shot which helped temporarily. however, it has not helped completely. i’m wondering if anyone else has had this and if there is a way without surgery to correct it. (maybe with physically therapy?) my doc says i will have to have surgery to correct it permanently. any thoughts?

My stupid friend did the same arm grab to the same arm over and over and over and over and now my elbow/forearm feel pain when I use it to list weights or punch the punching bag. Why has this pain not gone away yet? Do I need to wait longer or do I have tendonitis or something? I am not going to go to the doctor to spend 0 so I can be told I injured my elbow so please don’t suggest the doctor.

To describe the pain it is not muscle pain, it feels like the bone, or some tendons or something deep in the bottom of my elbow and up the bottom of my forearm a little. When I do pushing exercises like bench press, it doesnt hurt while I do the exercise, but once I set down the weights my whole elbow forearm area on my right arm starts to hurt in a throbbing type of pain…

I’ve had pain in my elbow for two weeks. It hurts to even pick up a coffee cup. The bone also hurts to the touch. I was telling a friend about it and she told me it sounded like tennis elbow. I looked it up and the symptoms match up. It says it’s caused by repetitive motion. I don’t do any repetitive motion for any length of time. The day it started hurting I moved a love seat and I also was holding up my printer to slide a board under it to keep it from scratching a shelf it was sitting on. The shelf was close to the floor and I was holding the all the printer weight with it sitting on top of my hand. Maybe that was the cause. But why the pain on the bone? I don’t have insurance so I don’t want to go to the doctor just so he can tell me to rest it. I can do that free. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be and what I can do about it.
It doesn’t really affect normal activity other than I can’t lift weights right now. I know it wasn’t caused by weightlifting though.