Why does my elbow joint hurt after I lift weights?

i lift wieghts the next day my elbow joints hurt my biceps dont hurt at all just my elbows why does thiss happen?

How do you build biceps/shoulders with tennis elbow?

I’ve had tennis elbow for some time now from military training. I’m out of the service now, and have rested my bicep for… 3

Muscle pain lower biceps?

below my biceps, in the elbow joint area, towards the inside i have been feeling pain for two days. Two days ago i… 1

Why do my elbow areas hurt when extending?

Its not the actual elbow, I think it is the muscles or something on the other side the elbow I lifted weights for… 1

Wrong use of weights and numb hands, avoid carpal tunnel

CarpalTunnelMaster.com . Are your hands getting numb when you work out do your hands get numb? Wrong use of weights can cause muscle… 0

What exercises can i do at home in my bedroom?

What toning and strengthening exercises can i do in my room without weights i play tennis and american football. I want to play… 4

my arms are sore when I bend my elbow.?

Every time I bend my arm and fully straighten it out, it increasingly gets really sore and feels like it’s stretching something. I… 5

What kind of exercises can I do at home?

Like if I cant go outside and play tennis and other sports, what exercises can I do at home so I can still… 2

is it normal for my lower biceps and brachialis area (near my elbow) to be sore after i worked out my back?

I went to the gym and worked out my lower back and i guess back in general, i can definitely feel it in… 2

what exercises can i do with weights to helap build my legs/calves for tennis?

also if their are any soccerplayers ot there tennis has helped alot with my footwork in soccer so if you play soccer try… 4

Sore Elbow?

I have had a nagging elbow injury, for some time. It comes and goes, sometimes it really hurts other times not much at… 1

Why won't my lower abs tone like the rest of my body?

Last Tuesday I’ve started my workout of: running for an hour, or at least burning 300 calories or more before I stop. 4… 1

SORE ELBOW From Weightlifting?

i tweaked it a couple weeks ago trying to do a bit too much on the bench, it had been feeling better but… 7

I Lift weights regularly, for 2 weeks I have had a sore/bruise feeling on my right elbow> What could it be?

I cannot lift the same weight on my left arm. It doesnt affect my daily routine. Its the inner left side of my… 2

What are some good exercises for getting fit for tennis?

Its for kids that are 12-14 that are not allowed weights, and have a lot of time to do the exercises. What would… 2

What tennis weights and exercises should I do to train for upcoming travel team season?

My private lessons teacher told me some vague things but I need some more specific ideas on the subject. I would like to… 2

I was arm wrestling a very strong friend when I heard a loud pop. Very sore on medial side of my elbow?

Very sore only when I lift weights or do hanging exercises. Any idea what damage I have done?

When should I expect to be recovered from tennis elbow?

I quit playing racquetball about a month ago when pain got pretty bad. (It had been slowly progressing for a few weeks) I… 4

Pain in elbows! Ihave a history of tenditis,sometimes my right elbow is sore which is weird because im left?

handed but lately my left elbow has been sore.My job title is heavy laborer and thats a understatment all day long im lifting… 6

Do i have tennis elbow?…Baseball people help…plz!!?

ok so for the last couple of months i have felt pain in my elbow when playing baseball…..the pain went away a month… 2

I have Tennis Elbow and I need something to help so I can…?

Lift weights, continue to play softball, and bowl without such pain. I got tennis elbow by playing softball for my high school and… 1

tennis elbow?? how do i train?

ok guys need ur help. ive got an elbow injury and when i do lifts/weights it ends up hurting. i decided to give… 2

anyone out there had trouble with tendonitis of the elbow?

i lift weights 5-6 times a week, and i noticed this pain in my inner and outer elbow. it got worse over time,… 2

Elbow still hurts from wrestling after about 3 weeks.?

My stupid friend did the same arm grab to the same arm over and over and over and over and now my elbow/forearm… 1

Can I get tennis elbow without doing something repetitive.?

I’ve had pain in my elbow for two weeks. It hurts to even pick up a coffee cup. The bone also hurts to… 2

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